Golf Simulator room with other sports equipment to the side

Of Golf, Good Friends and Winter Goals

It was the summer of 2021 and a group of Traditions of America at West Brandywine homeowners decided to gather for a pizza party. It was a great way for neighbors to get to know one another and form friendships. In short order, it was discovered that several soon-to-be residents were devoted golfers.

From Thought to Fruition

One resident stepped up to organize weekly golf matches at courses in the area over the summer and fall. This worked out great until the weather was no longer cooperating and some of our resident “snow birds” had flown the coop to Florida for the winter.

When the Clubhouse opened in November and Michelle Smith, the Lifestyle Director, was settled into her full-time role as the “director of all things fun”, she wanted to ensure the golf connections were maintained and continued to grow as new residents moved in. After the winter holidays, Michelle and her golf enthusiasts decided to drum up interest in an indoor golf simulator competition. Fortunately, the West Brandywine Clubhouse has a full suite of amenities that rivals most resorts – and the golf simulator was an immediate attraction.

Bring on the Competition!

Sign-ups began in January and 12 men on 6 teams began playing their “2022 Indoor West Brandywine Golf Competition”. Michelle randomly selects the course (from courses all over the world!) on Sunday night and sends the matchups to the group on Monday morning. Each team has one week to complete the course and send in their scores. Michelle posts the leaderboard outside the simulator room for the previous week’s course. After a month of play, the competition is heating up and the top teams will soon be competing in the playoffs. Michelle plans on getting a championship plaque made to hang in the golf simulator room, updating the plaque each year with the newest winners.

Golfers Love to Golf

The feedback Michelle has received from the players is overwhelmingly positive. This group is passionate about the sport and perfecting their technique. The simulator has given them the opportunity to correct their form with instantaneous stats on swing, distance, ball spin, and golf club positioning. The simulator keeps them in golf shape so when they return to playing outside this spring it won’t take them weeks to get the “feel” back! An added bonus: the simulator has also given them the opportunity to play the best courses in the world.

Spring is Around the Corner

As Lifestyle Director, Michelle will be coordinating game play at the local outdoor golf courses for the West Brandywine golf club this spring. She is hopeful some of the West Brandywine ladies sign up to join in the fun, too! The more, the merrier.

Check out the Traditions of America at West Brandywine Clubhouse. Better yet, schedule a visit to see the resort-caliber amenities in person!