Buying a Home with Traditions of America

From your initial homesite walk to moving in, our team is with you all the way. Signing the Agreement of Sale is only the beginning. Together through design and construction meetings, we work together to bring your new home to life. Here’s what to expect when you choose Traditions of America:

Step 01

Homesite Walk

After you select your homesite in one of our active adult communities and prior to signing an Agreement of Sale, you will tour your new home’s location with your Construction Manager and New Home Counselor. Learn more about the unique features of your homesite such as grades, patios or decks that take advantage of the unique character of your homesite, and the natural beauty of the community.

Step 02

Initial Design Meeting

Meet with our professional Designers to learn about customizing your home. Enjoy an overview of the wide range of builder and designer features.

Step 03

Design Your Home

Select both structural and designer features during your Design Meetings. You will begin seven to nine month prior to settlement when you take part in our Custom Home Program or five to six months for a home not in the custom program. This will ensure ample time to obtain building permits and construct your new home to meet your schedule.

Step 04

Pre-Construction Meeting

The Project Manager will meet with you to review the entire building process, introduce you to the construction team, review your selections and confirm the construction schedule for your new home.

Step 05

Rough Inspection

Two to three months prior to settlement – and following completion of framing, utilities and insulation – our Construction Team and New Home Counselor will tour your new home with you. At this time, they will verify your selections and provide an updated schedule for completion of your new home.

Step 06

21-Day Review & Letter

Approximately 21 days before your settlement, the Construction Team will inspect your new home. Following this inspection, our Settlement Coordinator will send you a letter confirming your move-in date.

Step 07

Quality Assurance Inspection

Prior to your New Home Orientation, we complete a rigorous quality assurance inspection of your home. During this inspection, we examine every facet of construction to ensure your new home is ready for your review.

Step 08

Energy Inspection & Testing

Approximately ten days prior to your settlement, an independent energy auditor will inspect your home for proper insulation and conduct blower door testing. You will receive an independent energy certificate at settlement.

Step 09


One week to go! Tour your new home with a member of our Construction Team and your New Home Counselor. Learn the features of your home. We will quickly resolve any minor cosmetic items identified during this tour.

Step 10

Pre-Settlement Inspection

Walk through your new home and verify any minor cosmetic items have been resolved. Learn more about our comprehensive Warranty Program as you review your new home with a member of our Construction Team and your New Home Counselor.

Step 11

60-Day Inspection

Welcome a Customer Service Representative into your home to identify and correct any warranty items that may have arisen in the two months since settlement.

Step 12

One-Year Inspection

Eleven months after closing, a Customer Service team member will again meet with you to review any warranty work. We will respond to any warranty questions you may have before your first anniversary in your new home.