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Meet the Lifestyle Director – Traditions of America at Lititz

We love a good happy hour as much as the next person — but do you ever stop to think about the person who set it up in the first place? We do!

At Traditions of America, we know you deserve the best in Active Adult living. This is why there are full-time Lifestyle Directors at each one of our communities. He or she is there to assist all of our homeowners in planning the activities that matter most.

Have an idea for a new club? The Lifestyle Director will transform your ideas into reality. The Lifestyle Director is also your source to the latest and greatest productions in town, and can help you plan your night out! Possibilities are endless.

Join your friends (and make new ones!) at our seasonal parties, happy hours,  fitness classes, wine tastings, excursions, and so much more!

For our second edition in the “Meet the Lifestyle Director” series, we would like to introduce Rachel Bechard from Traditions of America at Lititz!

Rachel BechardWhere are you from?

Born & raised in Lititz, PA. Currently living in Manheim, PA

How long have you been working for Traditions of America?

Two amazing years!

What got you interested in working as a Lifestyle Director?

I love working with people and have a background in Customer Service. I love helping people and the idea of serving the same people every day (helping them grow, make friends, and live their best lives) was extremely appealing to me.

Why do you like working at Traditions of America at Lititz?

Our team is simply the best. Everyone I work with is dedicated, empathetic, and a team player. We all want to see our community succeed, so we go above and beyond and help one another out every day.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen/been a part of while on the job?

We turned the clubhouse into a murder mystery dinner theater for a night and it was spectacular!

What’s something that has surprised you about your chosen career path?

I was surprised at how my previous jobs have prepared me for this one. I’ve had to use knowledge and experience going as far back as my High School job in food service! I am a “Jill of all Trades”, and I love that I get to utilize my various levels of knowledge and experience daily.

If you had one super power to help you with being a Lifestyle Director, what would it be and why?

I would want to get jobs done like Genie from “I Dream of Genie” or Samantha from “Bewitched”. Just *bobs head* or *twitches nose* and *poof* Things get done!

What types of things can people look forward to by moving into Traditions of America at Lititz?

The sky is the limit! We have it all, from games, sports, social activities to volunteer opportunities, and clubs and committees that allow you to make real, deep, lasting friendships. This community is seriously one big family.

What is your favorite part of the Traditions of America at Lititz community?

Probably the volunteers. We have so many homeowners who help make our activities and events all the more magical for their help. Because of them, many of our activities are free or have little cost associated with them. We have homeowners who teach Line Dance, Water Aerobics, Bone Builders, and Yoga! We have others who cook and bake for our events. We have even more who teach art, card-making, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and the list goes on! Beyond activities, we have “Helping Hands”, a club who will help neighbors with trips to the airport, cook or grocery shop for them when they’re sick, and do handy-man jobs around the house. We also have “Community Cares Committee”, who works with local charities to give back to the community of Lititz. They run several programs throughout the year, always helping those in need: Veterans, children, homeless. It’s that attitude of giving back to the community and using your talents for the good of all that makes TOA Lititz so special.

What’s your favorite part of Lititz, PA?

Lititz Springs Park. It’s built up around a natural spring and it’s covered by hundreds-year-old trees, so between the natural spring and the tree cover, the park is always cool. That’s why Lititz is the “Coolest Small Town in America”

If there were three words to describe Traditions of America at Lititz, what would they be and why?

  1. Warm: Everyone is always smiling and excited to welcome their new neighbors to the community
  2. Active: There is never a dull moment in our community!
  3. Generous: Our community is always helping others – through donation drives, volunteer services, and kind acts.

In your opinion, what is the biggest aspect of Traditions of America that sets us apart from other 55+ communities?

The lifestyle. I don’t think any other community offers a life like this. My homeowners have a community in the literal sense: “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

Clubhouse and pool Lititz

This or That: Lititz Edition (choose one) 

  • Indoor Pool or Outdoor Pool? Indoor
  • Pool or Hot Tub? Pool
  • Billiards or Table Tennis? Billiards
  • Bridge or Shuffleboard? Shuffleboard
  • Walking Club or Yoga? Yoga
  • Happy Hour or Brunch? Brunch!
  • Book Club or Bocce Ball League? Book Club
  • Line Dance or Texas Hold ‘em? LINE DANCE!

We are blessed to have someone as amazing as Rachel working at one of our communities! Getting to know your Lifestyle Director is the easiest way to start living better and enjoying the active adult lifestyle. Make sure to stay tuned for our next feature in the “Meet the Lifestyle Director” series!