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Green Pond – A Unique Opportunity to Connect with Nature

Traditions of America is excited to bring the 55+ Live Better lifestyle to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Traditions of America at Green Pond, adjacent to Green Pond Country Club, will be set on 108 acres of picturesque, natural beauty, including a dedicated conservation area. Keeping the environment a priority, Traditions of America has been working closely with wetland experts to enhance the conservation area that has long attracted migratory birds.

Green Pond Marsh Background

The periodic flooding of a 4+ acre portion of the property has resulted in a unique habitat frequently used by a variety of shorebirds, wading birds and waterfowl. This section of the property has been designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA), commonly referred to as Green Pond Marsh. Approximately 182 birds have been documented at Green Pond Marsh over the years, much to the delight of avid birders!

Innovative Plan

Traditions of America’s active adult community plan increases the amount of open space and adds a carefully designed buffer around the sensitive habitat. Additionally, the western entrance to the property has been eliminated, pulling the development further away from the Green Pond wetland.

TOA Green Pond

Traditions of America has also proposed a stewardship plan to maintain the wetland in a similar state that will continue to provide the habitat elements needed for the migrating avian population. This plan includes the seeding of annual native plant species, in addition to the yearly tilling of the wetland. A hydrologic strategy that results in the periodic inundation of the farm fields will not only continue to maintain the site’s unique wetland environment but will sustain the elements that have attracted migratory birds for so many years. A win-win for this active adult community, the environment, and the birds and birders, alike!