Bring Spring into Your Home

Spring has sprung, finally! After months of cold winter – and our fair share of nor’easters – the change of seasons is quite literally a breath of fresh air. It’s time to shrug off winter and bring some springy lightness into your home!

Making slight updates to your home each season is a great way to refresh your décor and thankfully these updates don’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Here are some simple tips to transition your home from winter to spring.

Make your home bloom with flowers

When you think about spring, the first thought usually is about flowers. While plants and succulents are a great year-round decorating idea, also fill your home with some seasonal flowers to add some fresh life into your home: in the entryway, bathroom, living room, by your bedside – the options are endless!

Introduce spring-hued colors and patterns

Use softer color and patterns to bring some cheer into your space. You can go bold with bright colors or opt for a subtler look with pastels. Floral patterns are especially trendy this year so include them in your decorating choices as well.

Lighten your linens

Now that the temperature is starting to warm, you don’t need the extra layers on your bed. Instead, opt for lighter materials and store any extra throw blankets for the colder months. You can also change the pillow cases, lampshades or curtains as well.

Update your artwork

Hanging new art is always a good way to breathe new life into your home, whether you purchase new artwork or simply rearrange your current pieces. If you have a gallery wall, keep the frames in place and swap the photos inside.

Enjoy softer scents

It’s time to pack away your warmer and heavier wintery candles and scents and bring out scents that are lighter, like citrus, lavender or light florals.

Spring is a time for renewal so why not bring some of that refreshing magic into your home. However you decide to decorate your Traditions of America home for spring, these simple tips will make your home feel bright and airy all season long.